Vus Vadym wrote:
Thanks all of you for you help to develop Family Medicine from our group ICPC-2 UKRAINE! We hope that through the National Health Service and with the help of the ICPC-2 UKRAINE in e-Health we will be able to announce about the first all-Ukrainian results of the work of family doctors in 2020.



Ukraine integrate ICPC-2 to National Health Service statistic in Electronic Health Record.

Also we use every possibility to tell about Family Medicine values th

rough ICPC. All trainings we start from the “phylosophy” of FM – WONCA-tree and try to explain every branches in the light of ICPC. Even on lecture “High calling of medic

al profession” on the Ukrainian Catholic University we mentioned about this values.

Also we has many question from our trainers. On the last online seminar with Nicolo Buono our trainers don’t understand does we need to divide Process. What reason of this division? I think that this division (may be) help EHR and doctors to collect data. Could you explain?