Improving the quality of family medicine

Epidemiological data from the Netherlands coded with the ICPC

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FaMe-net (a merger of the Transition Project and Continuous Morbidity Registration Nijmegen) aims to formally characterize and describe the domain of international family practice based on episode oriented epidemiology, with ICPC as its ordering principle, and ICD-10 as its nomenclature

The foundation aims to make a significant and innovative contribution to education and research to improve the quality of general practice care by registering systematically and uniformly all presented morbidity, according to information from direct and indirect patient contacts.
There is a specific focus on the evolution of morbidity, the influence of the medical act in this morbidity, and the context of the individual patient.

Electronic Patient Record
TransHis is an Electronic Patient Record for use in primary care. TransHis was specially developed for the Transition Project.

Top 100 program for more insight into the daily practice of primary care
Go to the website, downloads, and request free access to get a quick impression of the data encoded with the ICPC. The top 100 contains epidemiological data from the years 1995 – 2018, based on data recorded with ICPC in daily practice in the FaMe-net project (before the Transition Project).
The data can be used as a source for incidence’s and prevalence’s, and for prior probability (predictive values) and comorbidity calculations in the GP practices and for education, guideline development and research.