The future is ICPC-3!

A development team led by Kees von Bouven (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) is preparing ICPC-3. The base of this working group is a consortium, supported by several institutions as:

  • University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), Dep. of Primary and Community Care; Lead Institution
  • WONCA Europe
  • WONCA World
  • WICC – WONCA Internatinal Classification Committee
  • Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), Netherlands
  • The Brazilian Society for Primary Care/ General Practice (SBMFC)
  • The French organisation: Agence des Systèmes d’Information Partagés de Santé
  • University of Ghent, Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid, Belgium
  • Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare


The Roadmap of the Concortium:

ICPC Development commences January 2018
Content development begins

Structure proposed and end content development

April 2018

June 2019

Alpha version with the core released December 2019
Beta version completed March 2020
Field trials start May 2020
Field test completed

Pre final draft

September 2020

January 2021

ICPC endorsed by WONCA May 2021
ICPC implementation package ready May 2021
ICPC published on the website June 2021