… about classification, mainly promoting ICPC-2!

Why classification?

The question should be rather which classification than why classification! 
Classification means only choosing one of severeal possibilities. – We classify all day long, mostly without thinking about it. – Choosing one of to ways, deciding the appropriate possibility of different options. –
Of course, there is a lot more behind these classification activities. – We are in the field of primary care. If we have an appropriate (!)  classification we can do a lot of interesting things like:

  • showing what we are doing –> making the world and work of a GP visible
  • research locally, regionally, worldwide
  • provide answers to questions about primary care delivery and ressources
  • etc

Appropriate Classification

for Primary Care! – This is the key task of our Committee. – Yes, there are different classifications. But every classification has its own field, its own scope of application.
In Primary Care we are dealing with problems rather than with diagnoses and we are working in the lower prevalence area.
Therefore it is obvious, that Primary Care needs its own, special classification: ICPC-2